Hello, friends!

After wrestling with a thorny RL situation for the better part of two years, I’m finally able to turn my attention back to EVE and Hellcats Reloaded. As usual, my time away from New Eden has left me feeling like I have to re-learn how to play this game. It’s also reminded me of one of the goals I had when I founded HCATZ, one that I’d let fall by the wayside: expanding from a single corporation into a “professional association” for women who blow up internet spaceships, particularly small-gang pilots.

The foundation has long been laid for a group like this. NPSI roams—”not purple shoot it”, i.e. anyone who isn’t in fleet is fair game—have been an institution in EVE for years. Lowsec pirates regularly hop into rival corps’ public channels to arrange flash mob-style kills against juicy targets. Women Gamers of EVE and similar channels have brought female players together from across New Eden, and have hosted their own share of events. That’s not even counting the explosion of female EVE streamers in the last few years, some of whom I’ve had the pleasure of flying with. There are clearly plenty of women out there who love the pew pew; as the song goes, “girls like kills like boys do.” (Or at least, that’s how it will go if I ever finish writing the parody!) So, it’s time we all got together and had some fun!  Plans are underway for a co-ed public roam in mid-July, which you’ll hear more about soon, and I’m hoping to host a Ladies’ Night roam later this summer. Some of the Hellcats have also discussed offering training for women who want to learn to PVP—we’re tentatively calling it “Fight Like a Girl”, and if enough people are interested, that might be on the schedule sometime in the next few months.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more!