Month: August 2018

Public Fleets Update

After some :things: that happened in the public fleet on August 25th, the September 1 and September 8 roams will be staged out of Evati IX – Moon 4 – Kaalakiota Corporation Warehouse instead of the Hellcats’ Vitrauze HQ. All other info remains the same. Hope to see you there! Dian o/

NPSI Public Fleets: August 25 (US), September 1 (EU), September 8 (US)

Yay, the Hellcats are doing more public fleets! First, I’d intended to make the US TZ fleet a regular event for the last Saturday of every month. I’d also intended to advertise it last week, but obviously, that didn’t happen. So! Hellcats Reloaded’s next public fleet will be Saturday, August 25 at 23:59 EVE (because…