Now that Ascension has landed and the Alpha Clone revolution is underway, a lot of people (myself included) are asking what they can actually fly when they’ve gone F2P. This post came out of wanting to answer that question. This information is current as of Ascension v1.5 (November 21, 2016). If there are any mistakes, I’ll correct them as they’re brought to my attention; more tech-savvy players would probably have used some kind of API dump to grab all this information, but I just flipped through the market.

Big thanks to Patrick Kasper for helping me test this on the Caldari side, and Elsie Andaryth for helping test the Minmatar side.

tl;dr Racial T1 Frigs/Dessies/Cruisers/Indy, T1/Faction/Deadspace/Officer modules are fine, T2 modules are iffy (no T2 weapons).

The list is generally in the same order as the market, with a few small modifications. I’ve left certain modules off the list if the ships they’re used with can’t be flown by Alpha characters, like dictor/hictor bubbles, MJDs and Command Destroyer boosh generators, T3 subsystems, etc.


  • Cruisers, destroyers, and frigates: Racial T1, including navy faction ships.
  • Battlecruisers: Gnosis.
  • Industrial ships: Racial T1. (If there’s an Iteron Navy Issue I haven’t heard about, please let me know so I can do a faction BATTAL ITERON.)
  • Corvettes: All.
  • Special Edition ships: Cruisers, Destroyers, Frigates (except the Gold and Silver Magnates), Industrials, and Shuttles. Yes, you can still fly around in a Leopard or your Quafe Ultra Edition hauler when you’re in an Alpha clone.

Ammunition & Charges (Misc.)

  • Nanite Repair Paste: Yes.

Drones and Drone Upgrades

  • Combat Drones: T1, navy faction, and ‘Integrated’ light/medium scout drones.
  • Combat Utility Drones:
    • Amarr and Gallente characters: SW-300/600/900 web drones.
    • Caldari and Minmatar characters: None.
  • Electronic Warfare Drones: None.
  • Logistic Drones:
    • Amarr and Gallente characters: Light Armor Maintenance Bot I, Medium Armor Maintenance Bot I.
    • Caldari and Minmatar characters: None.
  • Mining Drones: None.
  • Salvage Drones: None.
  • Drone Upgrades: All T1, plus Drone Damage Amplifier II.

Electronic Warfare

  • ECM (incl. ECM Burst and Signal Distortion Amplifiers): All except T2.
  • Remote Sensor Dampeners (incl. scripts):
    • Amarr, Caldari, and Minmatar characters: None.
    • Gallente characters: All except T2.
  • Stasis Webifiers: All except T2.
  • Target Painters:
    • Amarr, Caldari, and Gallente characters: None.
    • Minmatar characters: All except T2.
  • Tracking Disruptors (incl. scripts): All except T2.
  • Warp Disruptors: All “standard” (non-heavy).
  • Warp Scramblers: All “standard” (non-heavy).

Electronics and Sensor Upgrades

Generally, all modules are usable by Alpha characters. The modules listed below are exceptions, and NOT usable by Alpha characters:

  • Cloaking devices.
  • T2 versions of Remote Sensor Boosters, Sensor Boosters, Signal Amplifiers, and Tractor Beams.

Engineering Equipment

  • Capacitor Batteries: All.
  • Capacitor Boosters: All except T2. All cap booster charges are usable by Alpha characters.
  • Energy Neutralizers: All except T2.
  • Energy Nosferatu: All except T2.
  • Remote Capacitor Transmitters: All except T2.

Harvest Equipment

  • Gas Cloud Harvesters: All except T2.
  • Ice Harvesters: None.
  • Ice Mining Lasers: None.
  • Mining Lasers: All except Deep Core variants.
  • Mining Upgrades: All.
  • Salvagers: T1 only.
  • Strip Miners: All non-T2.

Hull and Armor

  • Armor Hardeners: All except T2.
  • Armor Plates: All non-T2, plus 100mm Steel Plates II and 200mm Steel Plates II.
  • Armor Repairers: All non-T2, plus Small Armor Repairer II and Medium Armor Repairer II.
  • Energized Plating: All except T2.
  • Hull Repairers: All non-T2, plus Small Hull Repairer II and Medium Hull Repairer II.
  • Hull Upgrades: All.
  • Remote Armor Repairers:
    • Amarr and Gallente pilots: All non-T2, plus Small Remote Armor Repairer II.
    • Caldari and Minmatar pilots: None.
  • Remote Hull Repairers: Small Remote Hull Repairer I only.
  • Resistance Plating: All.
  • Damage Control Units: All.
  • Energized Armor Layering: All except T2.
  • Layered Plating: All.


  • Inertial Stabilizers: All.
  • Overdrives: All.
  • Warp Core Stabilizers: All.
  • Afterburners: All except T2.
  • Microwarpdrives: All except T2.

Scanning Equipment

  • Analyzers: Data Analyzer I, Relic Analyzer I, ‘Ligature’ Integrated Analyzer, and Purloined Sansha Data Analyzer.
  • Cargo Scanners: All.
  • Entosis Links: None.
  • Scan Probe Launchers: T1 and faction variants, incl. T1 and faction probes (both core and combat).
  • Scanning Upgrades: Scan Acquisition Array I and Scan Rangefinding Array I.
  • Ship Scanners: All.
  • Survey Probe Launchers: T1 variant, plus Discovery and Quest survey probes.


  • Remote Shield Boosters:
    • Amarr and Gallente characters: None.
    • Caldari and Minmatar characters: All non-T2, plus Small Remote Shield Booster II.
  • Shield Boosters (incl. Boost Amplifiers): All except Shield Boost Amplifier II and X-Large Shield Booster II
  • Shield Extenders: All.
  • Shield Hardeners: All except T2.
  • Shield Resistance Amplifiers: All.
  • Shield Flux Coils: All.
  • Shield Power Relays: All.
  • Shield Rechargers: All.


  • All except T2.

Turrets and Bays (incl. Weapon Upgrades and Ammunition)

  • Weapons: Racial T1 and faction modules/ammunition.
    • Amarr characters: Energy turrets.
    • Caldari characters: Hybrid turrets and missile launchers.
    • Gallente characters: Hybrid turrets.
    • Minmatar characters: Projectile turrets.
  • Damage Modules (Ballistic Control Systems, Gyrostabilizers, Heat Sinks, Magnetic Field Stabilizers): All.
  • Missile Guidance Computers (incl. scripts): All.
  • Missile Guidance Enhancers: All.
  • Tracking Computers (incl. scripts): All.
  • Tracking Enhancers: All.
  • Remote Tracking Computers (incl. scripts): All except T2.

Ship Modifications

  • Rigs: All.