Yay, the Hellcats are doing more public fleets!

First, I’d intended to make the US TZ fleet a regular event for the last Saturday of every month. I’d also intended to advertise it last week, but obviously, that didn’t happen. So!

Hellcats Reloaded’s next public fleet will be Saturday, August 25 at 23:59 EVE (because I’m sick of saying “Sunday” for a fleet that’s Saturday night and nearly missing my own fleet). We’ll also be running a fleet on Saturday, September 8 at 23:59 EVE for people who wanted to make the August 25 fleet but couldn’t because of the time frame.

We will also also be running an EU TZ public fleet for the first time on Saturday, September 1st at 20:00 EVE. This has been a long time in coming, and I’m very excited to see it finally happen!

For at least the August 25 roam, we’ll be forming up at our home station (Vitrauze XI – Moon 2 – Federal Navy Academy Evati IX – Moon 4 – Kaalakiota Corporation Warehouse) and roaming the Caldari/Gallente warzone. If you aren’t able to have ships there before the fleet, please post in the relevant thread on the Public Roams forum and we’ll see if we can help. Depending on the number of fights we find in Cal/Gal space on the 25th, we may stage one or both of the September roams in the Amarr/Minmatar warzone; we’ll give you as much notice as possible either way.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in space!


Dian o/